A representative traditional Korean wine fermented with rice, barley, wheat or other grains, and are fermented with nuruk(Korean yeast, a fermentation stater) and then filtered. The color varies depending on the use of certain grains or oriental herbs.


A representative traditional Korean wine that is made without filtering after fermentation of the rice and nuruk(Korean yeast, a fermentation stater). It has a milky-white color and a slightly sweet, sour, and tangy taste. It is often low in alcohol content, typically around 3-6%, and is known for its refreshing and easy-to-drink qualities. Makgeolli is a popular drink in Korea and is often paired with Korean dishes such as Korean pancakes, fried foods, and spicy stews.

Fruit Wine

Korean traditional fruit wine that produced by fermenting fruits or Korean berries with alcohol. These fruit wines are enjoyed as a dessert or aperitif and are often served chilled. They are a popular choice for special occasions and social gatherings in Korea.

Distilled Spirit

Korean distilled spirits are a type of alcoholic beverage that are made through a process of distillation, which involves boiling and condensing a fermented liquid to increase its alcohol content. The most popular distilled alcoholic beverage of Korean origin with clear, slightly sweet taste.