About us

Bekseju USA, Inc.

Wine & Liquor Importer/ Distributor

Bekseju USA, Inc. established the company in 2004 as an alcohol beverage importer and wholesaler. Bekseju USA, Inc. started with Kooksoondang US, sole distributorship when the company was established, and it is still maintained until now. Currently, we are distributing in more than 30 states, and still looking for distributing in the other states to inform more people. Our goal is to let the people know about the great traditional Korean liquor(a.k.a. K-sool). Korean liquor(K-sool) is divided into Yakju, Makgeolli, Fruit wine and Distilled Spirit, and Bekseju USA distributes all of these categories of Korean liquor products in the United State. We are Doing our best to promote the taste of traditional Korean liquor that people have never experienced before.

Kooksoondang Brewery Co., LTD.

Korean Traditionalist leading company

The company name Kooksoondang means a house that produces good liquor with yeast, which contains the identity of making good Korean liquor.
Kooksoondang first started brewing in 1952 and is now a leading traditional Korean liquor company for three generations.

Bekseju is a representative traditional liquor known to everyone in Korea, it is the first “Excellent cultural product” selected by the Korean government. “Excellent cultural product” means a representative product that will be introduced to the world on behalf of Korea.

Kooksoondang developed a patent technology that maintains freshness whenever, wherever, and whoever it is, to introduce draft makgeolli, a unique rice wine where lactic acid bacteria, a traditional Korean wine, lives around the world. It maintains the No. 1 export of Korean rice wine through its efforts to preserve the value of Korean Liquor culture and innovate new technologies, and is recognized as one of Korea’s leading traditional alcoholic beverage companies.

The good products of Kooksoondang are all made at a brewery located 500 meters above sea level in Gangwon Province, which has the cleanest natural environment in Korea. Kooksoondang Brewery, a good brewery in terms of culture and environment, has obtained the most basic food safety certification for all products produced, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities remain clean at all times.

As a representative Korean wine product, we promise to do our part in promoting the Korean culture to the rest of the world.